Let’s Party?

It would be quite refreshing to have Tea Party candidates win in hordes and bring the change to Washington they have been talking about. The first casualty of such a win would be Mitch McConnell; the replacement, Jim DeMint, would be further polarizing, making DC even more fun to watch. The tone of the GOP will change from NO to NEVER.


  • Christine O’Donnell introducing a bill that legally treats masturbation as adultery, with similar penalties. If that brings the government into our bathrooms, so be it.
  • Rand Paul introducing a bill that would exempt private businesses from the Civil Rights Bill. There will be separate sections for Blacks, Whites, Asians and Latinos at Denny’s.
  • Sharron Angle introducing 3 bills: for the US to pull out of the UN, declare the Department of Education unconstitutional, and a provision to provide massages to the incarcerated.
  • Carly Fiorina introducing a bill to bring back the jobs she outsourced while the CEO of H-P.


Then there are Governor’s races:

  • Carl Paladino, if elected, would introduce a bill to make bestiality legal, as long as the animal and human are not of the same gender.
  • Meg Whitman, if elected, will try to make legal the hiring of undocumented workers, as long as they are doing menial tasks not cherished by Americans, and that these laborers are paid using PayPal.

GOP should control The Hill?

I believe that Democrats should lose control of the House and Senate this election cycle; it will be good for them. Sometimes a forest has to burn down to reinvigorate itself. Hopefully, the two years in wilderness will force them to develop more spine and balls. Although it is hoping against hope; the Democratic Party is not one, but a conglomeration of  several political philosophies covering the entire spectrum from liberal to conservative. The GOP, on the other hand, is uniquely individual in its mindset: very conservative, the only variation being the ultra-conservative, far-right faction.

Talking of spine, the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress has achieved more than any other presidential term in recent history. Yet, they are afraid to advertise the gains made and explain to the public how it will better their lives.

That a healthcare insurance company is mandated to not turn down individuals for pre-existing conditions, that mid to large businesses are forced to offer health insurance to its employees and persons who can afford it are provided assistance for purchase, and that there would be no life-time maximums for any illness so one doesn’t go bankrupt under treatment are all part of a much needed reform of the predatory practices of the healthcare insurance industry. It would have been hard for Republican candidates to argue why do they want to take these benefits from Americans.

The only thing that bothers me is that the Democrats diluted the whole Healthcare Reform bill to appease Republicans, and yet, none of them voted for it anyway. Since this bill had to pass with only Democratic votes, why didn’t they follow though with their original agenda that included the public option. They would not have been any more unpopular with the segment of the populace that is now threatening to unseat them from power, but in doing so they would have acted with conviction and would have changed the country for the better. But this take balls.

The same is with the Financial Reform that received little GOP support despite it being watered down. Despite it having many helpful features still, it would have been far more effective had the Democrats stood their ground. The credit card reform and the creation of a consumer protection agency alone are very useful provision of the bill, but I haven’t seen Democrats crowing about it.

Other achievements such as increasing the student loans and removing the middle-men (banks) from the picture and enhancing fundings for research institutions like the NIH are left unmentioned.

Why don’t the Democrats explain to us the necessity of the TARP in preventing a complete economic meltdown? After all, this program was started under a Republican administration, yet the brunt is being borne by the current Democratic setup for supporting it and following it through.