A case for an unlocked iPhone?

Gene Steinberg laments that AT&T, or any other US carrier, does not offer reasonable international rates, and would not unlock his son’s iPhone to use in Spain, either.
I had a similar problem when I went overseas for three weeks last October. After a long to-and-fro with AT&T’s international ‘advisor’, she finally told me that under contract with Apple, AT&T cannot ‘SIM unlock’ the iPhone (I had the 3GS then), like they can any other handset when requested. I was forced to use another phone that I bought unlocked from Amazon.com, because I did not want to jailbreak.
I did use Skype over Wi-Fi since all my contacts were on the iPhone, praying that nobody will place a call to me from the US when I was talking on VoIP. The 3GS did not have a separate disconnect for Wi-Fi and Cellular, and it didn’t occur to me to take out the SIM!
I did write to Steve Jobs, then, to please issue an unlocked version of the upcoming iPhone. Apple has done so, but not in the US.
This is indeed preposterous; I know a couple of my friends had their SIM unlocked in other cellphones. Using a prepaid SIM in the country you’re traveling is the best option for voice and data. This is especially true in Asia, where rates are very cheap.

I had one other revelation: Carry an Airport Express on travels, especially overseas. While ethernet is available in homes and hotels worldwide, a Wi-Fi router is not that common everywhere. If you want to use Skype to place calls, you would need Wi-Fi.


Terrorists fly BA?

Osama Bin Laden a British Airways frequent flyer? So says the BA’s in-house Heathrow newspaper LHR News. It also shows that “Bin Laden’s seat is 7C, which would put him firmly in the luxury of First Class”.  Maybe we should be careful of companies with ‘British’ as their first name, whether it be BA or BP!

Sleep at your own peril?

United leaves slumbering passenger on plane: Oh boy! Be careful when falling asleep at 10,000 meters. Seems like the airline employees were in a hurry to hit the bottle. Nobody kissed the sleeping beauty! At least she’s suing.