Consumer unfriendly?

AT&T axes unlimited data plan, unveils tethering price: I have no problem with tiered pricing; the more you consume, the more you should pay. However, I do have two issues with AT&T’s plan pricing:

1. While you’re charged $20 extra to be able to tether, any data used while tethered counts against your 2G Data Pro plan. In other words, you pay $45 if you want to tether, for 2G of data. Any additional data is $10 per G, so a 5G usage will cost you $75, which is $15 costlier than their 3G modem for similar data size. This sucks.

2. I’ve noticed that I’m using more and more data for communication (SMS, Email, MMS) than voice minutes. Yet, I’m forced to buy the minimum package of $40 (450 minutes) to be ‘eligible’ to get a data plan for the iPhone. Why can’t I buy fewer minutes for a lesser price?

I feel I am subsidizing my data plan with my voice plan underuse. I’m never going to be able to use the thousands of rollover minutes I’ve accumulated. So, I feel AT&T is double-dipping and cheating me outright. Shouldn’t the DOJ/FCC look into it?

Further, Steve Jobs has said that you can’t tether an iPad to an iPhone, so one has to have to have different plans for each device.

I’ve been using less data on my iPhone since I bought my iPad, so I will get a 200MB data plan for it, and keep my unlimited data plan of $30 for my iPad (since I’ll be ‘grandfathered’). This will save me $15 a month, although I’ll still be upset for paying $40 for AT&T’s basic voice plan.

Although Apple has nothing to do with this, they should bring pressure on AT&T to be more reasonable, as this will affect people’s decision to buy their devices. In addition, I am less likely now to spring for the next iPhone with videoconferencing capability (to limit my data use) and wait for the iPad with similar abilities.


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