India shining?

India is enjoying “A strong, well balanced recovery” according to The Economist: Let’s be cautiously optimistic; India has a long way to go. With a deplorable law and order situation, ethnic strife, domestic and trans-border terrorism and a need to bring equal opportunity, prosperity and security to all its citizens, including minorities, India has a lot on its plate.

Certainly, comparisons with China will be drawn, although many forget that it started market reforms two decades ahead of India, despite being a coummunist country with a totally centrally-planned economy – which in itself is remarkable.

Regardless, it is a time for India to toast itself, as she cautiously plods ahead. It will be wise for India to remember what Lord Krishna said in the Bhagwat Gita about walking toward’s ones goal: Just look at the horizon and not below; the small pebbles will distract you.

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